All hardware purchased on RED WIRE is delivered anywhere in South Africa at a cost of R100 whether imported or from local suppliers.

Digital License keys get emailed to the supplied email address within 24 hours and are sent free of charge. Please note RED WIRE does not take any responsibility for any invalid emails given thus causing you not to receive your purchased key. Please make sure to provide us with a valid email address, if you haven't received your digital license keys within 24 hours please fee free to give us a call at 078-657-7023 or email us at   

​If you purchasing any hardware and separate digital license keys together, then we'll email the digital keys and the hardware will be delivered via a door-to-door courier.

We use a reputable courier company and all local items get delivered within 2 - 4 working days.

Imported items get delivered within 2 - 3 weeks.

Please note: RED WIRE only delivers to a physical address and not a Post Office address, please provide us with a physical address.

​Unfortunately because RED WIRE does not keep any stock we don't allow for collection but only delivery to your physical address or door-to-door courier.