KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors - Glare Blue
  • KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors - Glare Blue

KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors - Glare Blue


KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors

Colour: Glare Blue

No microphone.


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KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors

Colour: Glare Blue

No microphone.

Upgraded 4BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones & Magnetic Dynamic Unit. As an upgraded version of KZ ZS10, the Pro features self-customized balanced armatures which includes two 30095 drivers for high frequency, two 50060 drivers for mid frequency. With this configuration, the sound is transient, dynamic and bright in all respects. While maintaining the previous performance, the high frequency of this model is extended to beyond 40kHz. It also adopts the second generation Tesla double magnetic dynamic unit

Exquisite Craft. The faceplate is made of 304 stainless steel while the cavity is made from imported resin. The two different material not only presents an elegant look and shimmer but also be practical and durable. The detachable gold-plated 2 pin cable offers fully upgradability and the limit slot protection design greatly avoids the pin from breaking and prolongs the service life of the interface

PCB Frequency Dividing Board. The PCB board is added to give full play of all the drivers, displaying a smooth, sensible, detailed music experience. The ZS10 Pro overall has dynamic low frequency and bright resolution. It fully reflects the cohesion of balanced armatures

Ergonomic Design & Noise Canceling . The cavity is made based on large data of cochlea. It’s scientifically molded to fit the ear like an customized earbuds. Even with vigorous exercise, it will still securely fit in the ear. Comfortable for long time wearing as well. Because of the special design, it can effectively isolate the noise to 26dB to offer a better experience while enjoying the music

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Imported and Delivered within 3 - 4 Weeks

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